How it's done

The Air-Flow Master Piezon is used at Toothpick for pain-free removal of calculus/plaque and stain. It has an ultrasonic scaler and air-flow incorporated. The ability to alter the frequency of the ultrasonic scaler makes it more comfortable with the added option of using different antimicrobial washes.You are totally in control and if you don’t particularly take to the ultrasonic cleaning then hand instruments are used.

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Come in for a consultation

  • Gum assessment only. After the examination, I will explain all your options from which you will be able to make an informed decision.
  • Up to 30 mins **

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Recall appointment

  • Includes gum check, scale and polish using EMS "Air-Flow®" system
  • Up to 1h mins **

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First visit for new patients

  • Includes gum assessment, scale and polish using EMS "Air-Flow®" system
  • Up to 1h15 mins **

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Advanced gum treatment.

from $378
  • Non-surgical periodontal debridement (NSPD). Deep scaling, Perio-Flow®, and polish. **

** If it has been a while since you had your teeth professionally cleaned, there may be a substantial build-up of tartar a.k.a calculus.
Although I will endeavor to complete the treatment, more time may be required and a further appointment will be needed.


Equipment from the Swiss company EMS

This non-invasive treatment, is kind to the tooth surface, non-damaging to the structure of the teeth and significantly improves tooth brightness, giving you noticeably lighter and brighter teeth. Air-flow allows for more effective cleaning, providing maximum patient comfort and a reduction in teeth sensitivity.

The Air-Flow Master Piezon

Airflow is the leading teeth cleaning system which uses a spray of air, aesthetic polishing powder and gentle jet stream of water to rapidly remove surface stains and dental plaque

The AIRFLOW treatment with PLUS® powder has been proven to be faster and more comfortable, removing biofilm in a minimally invasive way without damaging the tooth in comparison to curettes. Clinical studies and numerous RCTs have demonstrated that AIRFLOW with the PLUS powder helps to prevent periodontitis and gingivitis, significantly reducing bacterial load of key pathogenic agents like P. Gingivallis and G. Streptococcus.